Creating Thriving Cultures Through Connection
Coaching, mentoring and employee development programmes that strengthen well-being, performance and culture in global, hybrid and remote workplaces.
Company programmes, individual and team support for the well-being of employees experiencing the disruptive impact of shifting work environments.
Executive coaching and learning experiences for individuals and teams to develop their skills and capabilities to perform under pressure in global, remote and hybrid working environments.
Build thriving global, remote and hybrid cultures based on high quality human connection through mentoring, coaching and interpersonal skills.
Our working environments have changed, disrupting where and how people connect. Today's global workforce needs to adapt rapidly to these new environments to succeed.
Disruption damages our connections.
People who don't feel connected to their colleagues and companies are more likely to leave.
Disrupted connections put up barriers to diversity, inclusion and belonging.
Teams who don't feel connected to each other struggle to innovate.
Leaders who are finding it hard to connect with others struggle to influence.
We help you strengthen well-being, performance and company culture by strengthening people's connection with each other.
Executive Coaching
Our executive coaches are all experienced psychologists who work with individuals and teams to help them break through persistent performance challenges and support them in high stakes transitions, such as when bringing together a diverse, international team. We also support remote onboarding processes, helping leaders build their connection and influencing power with teams spread across the world.
Global Talent Builder
Our Global Talent Builder programme helps companies to identify and increase the return on investment in their global talent mobility programmes. Through a combination of workshops, individual and team coaching, and data reporting, this proven process helps you to develop and retain your talents as they move across borders so you can sustain a competitive edge. 
Corporate Mentoring Systems
Our Successful Mentoring Blueprint programme facilitates effective strategic mentoring conversations, knowledge and network sharing across borders and silos, and rapidly scales new relationships and connections. The programme is a combination of mentoring workshops, support tools, knowledge-sharing conferences and consulting support to the organisation.
Learning Communities and Experiences
We bring together your employees in hybrid learning communities for experiences that mix workshop-based learning with real-life learning experiences, supported by individual and team reflection. Topics include 'Creating Leadership Connection at a Distance', 'Amazing Conversations' and 'Working with Your Inner Leadership Team.'
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We are rethinking the science of connection and culture in global, remote and hybrid workforces.
"Culture eats strategy for breakfast" as the saying goes. In global, remote and hybrid workplaces, people's connections are where culture happens. It's no longer about what people see and hear when they enter the workplace but how people feel when they connect with each other, both colleagues and clients.

This shift means the cultivation of people's skills and capabilities for creating high quality connection is even more important to building thriving companies.
A Selection of Our Clients
About Us
We believe in the transformative power of global, remote and hybrid working to build value in people and companies.

We also recognise that these opportunities have been accompanied by rapid and often disruptive shifts experienced by employees. These shifts often lead to burn out, and disrupt the effective performance of teams and leaders, at great financial expense to the organisation. Far too often, companies make large investments in global, remote and hybrid working only to see their top talent leave too soon.

We understand the unique challenges of developing your global workforce. This is why we go beyond conventional intercultural training to address the deeper interpersonal issues that go into creating an effective work culture. We address core topics around employees' experience of global, hybrid and remote working to help you support their well-being, performance and culture.
Wendy Kendall
Managing Director, Psychologist and Executive Coach

Wendy Kendall has spent more than 25 years helping multi-national organisations – often under testing conditions – solve their people development issues, bring international teams together, and create global leaders of the future. Since founding her company in 2003, she has helped more than 4000 talents from many different nationalities develop their global careers. Her expertise in global leadership development includes work with graduates, specialists, executives, heads of country, and board members in global businesses from small-and-mighty start ups to multi-nationals in the public, private and third sector.
Dr Tina Mistry
Psychologist and Executive Coach
Based in Doha, Tina has over 15 years of experience working in mental health across a variety of sectors including NHS, education, charities, and the corporate sector. As a psychologist with clinical training, she offers direct coaching support to individuals, teams and managers. She has designed and delivered training in mental health awareness, interweaving this with intersectionality and understanding systems of oppression. She also offers consulting services in mental health strategy and creating psychologically safe and healthy work places. 
Steve James
Psychologist and Executive Coach

Based in Paris, Steve is an organisational psychologist with more than 20 years experience, who specialises in leadership assessment and development, executive coaching, and leadership transitions. In particular, Steve supports leaders through 'step-change' transitions - moves into roles that are not a simple evolution, but a leap into an intensity of challenges and responsibilities previously unknown (e.g. a first executive/ country/ entity/ board role).
Dr. Hannah Bryan
Psychologist and Executive Coach
Based in Birmingham, UK, Hannah is a clinical psychologist with more than 20 years experience who specialises in helping clients make breakthroughs in persistent performance blocks. As a European-certified EMDR Consultant, she combines this powerful methodology with traditional executive coaching to transform clients' performance and well-being under pressure. Hannah also supports leaders, teams and organisations in sustaining well-being and resilience through disruption.
Dr. Laura Villa
Psychologist and Executive Coach
Originally from Sanremo, Italy and now based in London, Laura is a clinical psychologist with more than 20 years of experience, who specialises in supporting people who are struggling with the demands of workplace transitions, using both therapy and executive coaching. She has also developed interventions aimed at both improving organisations’ capability in supporting those returning to work and employees' well-being. 
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